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      •                ‘Youths in Prayer Seminar Feedback 2014


                                                                                           Name:  You-Mee Kim

        1. What was the best part

        • I gained new understanding that the bible is in fact a book of prayer

        • I learnt how the prayer of believers is significantly different to non-believers

        • I realized how I had been praying in a way that was self-determined as opposed to what God wants to hear. But I am thankful that from this prayer seminar, I can pray in a way that God truly wants.

        • I was blessed to share this experience with my close faithful friends because as we prayed together, we felt our prayers improving and expanding

        2. My determination after the seminar

        • The four stage prayer based on the bible is simple yet difficult to follow at times. But knowing that I want to pray properly with the help of the Holy Spirit, I need to read the bible more closely. I aim to read every word with the eyes of the Lord so I can understand God’s true meaning.







          -Ashfield Korean Presbyterian Church Youth Group 2014-

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