• MIP 30 Years - dallas conference

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      • The MIPI that I have seen so far in Australia was only within the Korean mothers. However, the MIPI Dallas conference was, apart from me and a couple others, filled majority with American mothers and this fact by itself filled me with joy. As an Australian, not being able to see any native Australians participating in the Moms In Prayer, filled me with sadness, therefore the conference was more exciting and fascinating.

        Stopping at Korea, and travelling via plane for 24 hours, I had arrived at a place where Moms In Prayers has been set foot for generations, with the then mothers being grandmothers, and their prayers going into their daughters and granddaughters generation as well.

        Fern’s warmth and pure heart, the beautiful hearted staff and their serving and kindness, outstanding stage decorations, the many nation flags, the participating mothers, sharing conversations and praying for each other. Moms praying for their children through the Word of God, gathering together to once again pray for their children, the next generation and the nations collectively, what I saw was a joyous celebration in Dallas, overflowing with God’s Word, power, love and grace.  Because of the fact that Moms In Prayer has been for thirty years, the Korean mothers in Australia were able to rise up and spread the message, and I felt this through the overflowing amount of prayers.

        With powerful and smooth praises and testimonies, especially Marlae and Michelle’s testimonies of raising their children and the occurences that happen whilst raising them, I could link myself to their testimonies and was very touching and I was thankful I had gotten to hear their testimonies.

        Also the story we heard that a mother and daughter came up and shed tears about their previous lives and changing and returning to God, as well as the daughter now becoming a mother herself and being used by God to continue the Mothers in Prayer to the next generation, I could feel God’s grace flowing onto her children.

        To think that these happenings of children and schools and the next generation rising up through the prayers of Moms in Prayer mothers, makes me excited and nervous.

        To be able to have 1200 Moms in Prayer moms meet in one place and share their stories and pray and eat together, I got to make new relationships and was able to be encourages more and have more strength.

        I will never be able to forget this conference.

        I look forward to seeing all the children in the world growing in God’s words through the constant prayer by their mothers.

        Moms in Prayer is real and actual, and is an important base for our children’s future.
        To be able to see this with my own eyes, I was very grateful.
        Thank you God!
        Thank you for calling me in the Moms in Prayer!


        from: prayer mom sunhee lee

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