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      • Hello, my name is Isabelle. Today I would like to share to you all what God has done in my high school life until now.

        Before I came to high school, my mum and I had always been praying for a Christian group within my non-Christian school.

        A few weeks later in year 7, I found out there already was a Christian group that had been running way before I came.

        Also, I started attending bible studies every Tuesday too. There we would read a passage and discuss about it. This was when I realised there is power in prayer and the real happiness comes from Jesus.

        However, as years went by, my passion for attending these groups started to fade as I began to follow the pattern of this world, that is, trying to fit in with society.

        And of course my passion for Christ started to fade too.

        From that point, I began to feel very dry, empty and insecure in my heart. And when your heart is empty you want to fill it up with “something”. But little did I know that that “something” can be very dangerous at the same time it can feel like its filling your emptiness. I started to understand that filling myself with this “something” was only making my emptiness worse, and making my relationship with Christ more distant.

        But in 2014, God gave me the word of promise from Isaiah 33:6 which says, ‘he will be a sure foundation in your time; a rich store of salvation, wisdom and salvation. The fear of the LORD if the key to this treasure’.

        I began holding onto this verse and restoring my relationship with God.

        My emptiness began to fill with the ultimate satisfaction that can only come from Jesus.

        From there I didn’t crave anything else but more of God’s love.

        I can’t promise that this way is going to be easy, of course there is suffering, persecution and temptations.

        But I can guarantee you that this is the best decision you’ll ever make, that is, to let your creator take the lead through your life in everything you do.

        So I started going back to bible study and Christian group because God has changed the way I see things especially of this world. 

        I was and still am thankful that there is at least God has provided a Christian community within a non-Christian school.


        The Holy Spirit moves my heart whenever God wants to say something or show something to me.

        An example of this was when I had a few friends at my school who attended the same Friday night youth groups as me.

        But as time went by, the Holy Spirit began to move my heart and showed me that these girls had the same empty heart as I did before.

        So with the help of God and many prayers towards them, I started bringing them to Christian group every Friday. 

        Even though they didn’t enjoy it, I still prayed in my heart that they’ll have at least one message remaining in their minds.

        Then, we would go to Friday youth group together. I prayed to God there too, that the Holy Spirit would touch their hearts through worship or through the sermon.

        In conclusion, just because you’re young does not mean God won’t use you. He will use anyone if their heart is set on Him. I am still praying for my friends to realise that believing in Jesus or being a Christian is not a religion but a lifestyle, an intimate relationship with God. If you keep praying earnestly to God, you all will be a great worshipper that god seeks!

        Thank you Jesus.

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